Motion Reel

In this reel, I reimagined some of my past work in a program and format I had never attempted before. I have worked extremely hard on these projects and they deserve the extra attention and limelight.  I decided to take the plunge and give after affects a try which I had honestly been putting off for a while, expand my skillset, and possibly discover a new passion in motion.  

I relied heavily on a few major components in motion: Position, Scale, Opacity, Rotation, and Anchor Points. I manipulated these in almost every single animation. I also learned how to implement some other filters and effects like turbulent displacement, wiggle, fractal noise, displacement map, and trim paths to achieve some of the movements I had in mind. I keyed everything up to the music. I started off with smooth transitions trying to make elements of each animation blend into the next, each changing with the beat of the music. I then dropped them when the music sped up to get through the animations faster which followed the feel of the music and gave a feel of efficiency. I ended it with the same frame as the beginning so you could loop the whole thing over and over again seamlessly.

This reel consists of a selection of 14 projects that I have created over the past 2 ½ years, most of which were not originally made for motion and have been reformatted or altered to fit the screen. They range from Branding to Publication to Illustration to Packaging to UX/UI Concepts. This reel also contains a really good song by The Strokes, whatever little memory was left on my hard drive and my blood sweat and tears.

*I do not own the rights to this music or any music by The Strokes, it is simply being used for a student project*

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