Solana Hills NFT Marketing GIFs

With this project I was trying to work off the characters and elements in the NFTs themselves for my designs. I imagined what they would be doing or thinking in their little world and then just tried to make it happen! For example, in the laser penguin animation, I wondered what he would use laser eyes for. In my mind, he never has a real reason to use them, so he has to make up reasons. This time, some unlucky bird was annoying him and caught the wrong end of this ability. Another day maybe he will use it to cook a steak, who knows! I really enjoyed the freedom that was allowed in this project; it made for a fun and challenging opportunity. I was able to be as creative as I wanted while also getting to practice my animation/motion skills and learn some new methods!

* The majority of these illustrations were done by the creator of these NFTs, however I added some of my own drawings into these animations to bring them to life; such as the bird and his skeleton and the doodles on the Ape!

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