Watts Up! Extension Cord Pack

Watts Up! is an extension cord pack with three different extension cords that are useful in a college dorm or bedroom for things such as hanging up lights, adding outlets for multiple devices, etc. There is one 9ft long cord for reach, one 3 ft long cord with multiple outlets for convenience, and one with a foot tap power button to turn the power on and off in a breeze. I was trying to create a design that was exciting and fun for a product that is normally considered mundane and boring. I wanted it to speak to a more youthful demographic and or one that enjoys a vintage feel as the style was slightly based on 60s & 70s poster design. The framed grid works well as a wayfinding tool for information and to highlight the cords. The box consists of a slipcover that reveals the inside contents when pulled by a handle attached to the bottom. The handle is made from one of the cords inside, saving on materials and incorporating the product into the packaging in a unique & fun way.

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