"Wonderful Thing" is a curated box set commenting on the dichotomy of the information and usage of the internet broken down into a book, pamphlet, and adventure game. It’s absurd that you can see something lighthearted and helpful one minute and then something dark and troubling immediately after. The internet can be overwhelming to society and is something humans have to learn how to live without it consuming us or enhancing our most negative tendencies. The visual language consists of muted colors and bright blue pixels to try to capture the feeling of attempting to replace the color of life with technology and the dulling of life when shown through a screen. In a literal sense, the pixels also represent the blue light emitted from our screens, affecting our eyes. The infinity mirror in the lid is reminiscent of the rabbit hole you can fall into and the bottom of the box is lined with ads because you can’t escape them no matter what you look for. The project was inspired by Bo Burnham and his song “A Little Bit Of Everything” which is highlighted in the pamphlet.

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